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Tips & Tricks
Photographing families can be hugely exciting, and a very rewarding profession. If you hit the right note, you may be asked back year after year to...
Tips & Tricks
When it comes to your freelance photography business, the expression “Good things come to those who wait” couldn’t be further from the truth....
Gear & Apps
Note from the editor: The following is a guest post by photographer Matt Corkum, but he might as well have pulled the thoughts from all of our...
News & Insight
The following is a guest post by Allan Higa. Here are a few reasons why having a story to tell is far better than not: 1. The Billy Goat Curse set...
Tips & Tricks
One of the biggest challenges when it comes to night photography is incorporating good foreground elements, but learning a few simple tricks will...
The following is a guest post by BrianAndCamera. You can find more from Brian on his Instagram and Website. Note* If you’re unclear about...
News & Insight
Are we seeing an entirely new generation of photographers begin to take hold and shape the standards for all of us as wedding photographers?
Gear & Apps
The DJI Osmo came out and we all wanted one, but it was incomplete. Now they've filled the gaps and it's better than ever.
Tips & Tricks
3 simple and atypical tips to upgrade your LR experience.
News & Insight
Luck is the combination of opportunity and preparation.
Tips & Tricks
If you’re still struggling to get enough clients, know that it doesn’t have to be this way.
Tips & Tricks
Here are eight tips that I wish I knew when I started outsourcing my work.