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Tips & Tricks 10 Tips For Preparing For A Successful Family Portrait Session
By Guest Contributor on December 17, 2016
Photographing families can be hugely exciting, and a very rewarding profession. If you...
News & Insight 5 Personal Audit Questions To Help You Market Your Photography Business
By Guest Contributor on December 2, 2016
When it comes to your freelance photography business, the expression “Good things...
News & Insight Photography Is A Gateway Drug | The True & Humorous Side Of The Addiction
By Guest Contributor on November 29, 2016
Note from the editor: The following is a guest post by photographer Matt Corkum, but he...
News & Insight Don’t Be A Photographer, Be A Storyteller | Allan Higa With X-Pro2 In Hand
By Guest Contributor on November 26, 2016
The following is a guest post by Allan Higa. Here are a few reasons why having a story...
Tips & Tricks Improve Your Night Photography With Foreground Lighting
By Guest Contributor on October 17, 2016
One of the biggest challenges when it comes to night photography is incorporating good...
Inspiration A Weekend With The Sigma SD Quattro
By Guest Contributor on October 16, 2016
The following is a guest post by BrianAndCamera. You can find more from Brian on his...
News & Insight Is Wedding Photography On The Cusp Of Major Change With Age As A Great Divider?
By Guest Contributor on October 7, 2016
Are we seeing an entirely new generation of photographers begin to take hold and shape...
News & Insight 30 GIFs That Sum Up Emotions Every Photographer Can Relate To
By Guest Contributor on September 8, 2016
We've all been here & we will get through this together.
News & Insight The DJI Osmo+ | The New Osmo With The Feature We All Wanted
By Guest Contributor on August 28, 2016
The DJI Osmo came out and we all wanted one, but it was incomplete. Now they've filled...
Tips & Tricks 3 Of The Best Lightroom Tips you’ll See this Year
By Guest Contributor on August 6, 2016
3 simple and atypical tips to upgrade your LR experience.
News & Insight How to Spontaneously Photograph a Famous Person (Specifically Jeff Goldblum)
By Guest Contributor on July 7, 2016
Luck is the combination of opportunity and preparation.
Tips & Tricks 5 Ways To Get More Photography Clients
By Guest Contributor on May 17, 2016
If you’re still struggling to get enough clients, know that it doesn’t have to be...