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Camera Body




A quick and simple tutorial to understand the seemingly complex process of composite photography.
Social Media
Instagram Stories have paved the way for a whole new spectrum of imaginative opportunities on social media, especially for creative professionals.
Tips & Tricks
Harry Fisch, a leading veteran photo tour organizer advises on how you can do the same.
Tips & Tricks
About the author: Molly Marie is a boudoir photographer and business advisor with a passion and focus on empowering women. With a compelling story...
Tips & Tricks
For as long as I can remember, I’ve connected photography with family. Photography was handed down to me by my mother, inherited almost. She...
Gear & Apps
The following is a guest post by Marko Marinkovic. Shooting and testing Nikon’s new 28mm 1.4 Last year I was fortunate enough to earn a Nikon...
Gear & Apps
With so many gimbals and stabilizers on the market nowadays it becomes increasingly more difficult and confusing to recognize which brands and...
Tips & Tricks
With ever-changing rules and regulations, and an often complicated algorithm, Facebook can be an intimidating platform to manage, but when its...
Gear & Apps
A quick roundup of the top-performing apps of 2016.
Tips & Tricks
We spend much of our time immersed in a digital world. From our entertainment, our communication, and yes, our photography, we spend our days...
Post Production Tips
Learning new tricks of the trade is paramount for photographers. Fortunately, we have a tool in Photoshop that provides an inexhaustible supply of...
News & Insight
My name is Sam Vox. I am a freelance photographer from Tanzania. I became a full-time photographer because of my Instagram account. In this post,...