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Ki Thomas is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer and writer based in the UK. Ki is known for his approachable, friendly and professional ethos. Specialising in small / start up business promotion, initiating projects and driving companies forward through a successful, sustainable and creative vision.

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Camera Body




Post Production Tips
Do you use Adobe Lightroom presets, Adobe Photoshop actions or both? And why?
Insights & Thoughts
My first impressions comparing the flagship Olympus OM-D EM-1 to the Canon 5D Mark III.
SLR Lounge interviews portrait and fashion photographer, Dave Kai Piper.
Tips & Tricks
Introduction: In this SLR Lounge article, How To Upload Photos To 500px Using Lightroom 5, we are going to look at a simple guide to share your...
Gear & Apps
Micro Four Thirds (m43 from here on) is a relatively new format, but has been at the absolute forefront of technology since it’s introduction and...