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A graduate of industrial design, I am currently working full time in both marketing and design for f-stop gear. I have been shooting photos since the days of 35mm film and have a deep passion for everything photography. Most of my inspiration comes from a global team of over 200 professional photographers and videographers which I manage.





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A look at the career of Chris Burkard and how he became the sought after photographer he is today.
Charles Glatzer shares with us some tips on how he captured some of his amazing wildlife shots.
Tips & Tricks
As an auto enthusiast, photographing cars had always been a dream of mine. I have always looked up to some of the industry greats such as Easton...
Insights & Thoughts
My work as a sponsor often provides me media access, allowing me to be behind the scenes on location with photographers and athletes at sporting...
News & Insight
To be a successful photographer comes with many challenges. Whether it is action sports, wedding, or wildlife, it is difficult to make a...
News & Insight
Late April of this year I had the privilege of coordinating a video shoot to tell the story of a German outdoor explorer/photographer and his...
My job requires me to interact with amazing people and professional shooters of all kinds. Of all the things I see captured, automotive racing is...
I have always been intrigued by extreme outdoor action/sports photography, particularly images shot in remote locations deep within the...