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11 Dec 2023

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Macro Photography

Tips and Secrets of a Travel Photography from Harry Fisch

Travel photography often requires efforts and planning, in addition to technique.

I am going to share with you some of the techniques for approaching people I have developed after years of experience of taking photographs with Nomad Photo Xpedition at the most remote locations around the world.

It took me three two-hour sessions at 5:50 am on the banks of the Ganges at Varanasi to make this Sony World Photo Awards finalist. In midst of the mud, of the fog and of masses of pilgrims…

Whenever I organize a photographic journey with Nomad Photo Xpedition for my clients, I reserve about five days, at the end, for my own photographic work.

On such a trip, a small oversight or lack of planning can ruin much of the adventure. The loss of a battery charger has spoiled the day for more than one photographer who finds himself just somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention shattered memory cards or the worst of all, a broken camera.