22 Oct 2019

Maurice Jager


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Maurice Jager is a Brand Visualization Expert and "Linkedin profielfoto"-specialist. Maurice grew up being a pro soccer player and later on build a corporate career all the way up to C-level exective, until he decides he needs to change his course in life to fulfill the need to be more creative again. He put his extensive marketing knowledge, competitive nature and professional camera into one mix and starts a business to help his clients tell their story with visual content to create a brand to inspire and mobilize their audience into action. He starts with photographing headshots, and it's not long before he becomes one of the premiere headshot photographers in Europe, a speaker, a published author and creates his own photography community called Screw the metadata. All while he continuously helps high-achieving entrepreneurs find their voice, create meaningful visual content and help them market themselves in a way that makes them unique in their space. Maurice feels very fortunately he has changed the course of his life and created a life he's truly excited to be living and wants to help create this same opportunity for his clients too.

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