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Product Feature | Leash and Cuff by Peak Design

By Christopher Lin on November 26th 2012

Peak Design, the designers of the capture camera clip system, is at it again with another innovative product.   We haven’t actually received a sample of this product for our own testing yet.   However, Peak Design has had a history of making high-quality, innovative products and based on the descriptions and videos, this one should be no exception.

Click here to purchase a Leash and Cuff.

Leash and Cuff by Peak Design Video

Main Points of Innovation

Quick Connection System
The quick release connection system uses a “cow hitch.” This is a simple, effective knot that can withstand 200 lbs of force, making the Leash strong enough to stop any camera from falling.

Versatile Strap:

The strap can extend to twice its length, allowing you to use it as a neck strap or a sling strap.  It also connects to your clothing or bag, allowing you to use it as a safety strap. They even offer a downsized version of Leash called the Cuff that uses the same connection system and acts as a minimalist wrist strap.

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If you like Peak Design Products, you might also enjoy their combination of the Capture Clip with the UNDFIND Waist Shooter. The combination allows you to hold your lenses and your camera in a strap-less configuration. Check it out!

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  1. Chuck Eggen

    I love my PD Capture Clip. I”m sure these are as well made and thought out.

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