I challenged myself to another street portraits challenge, but this time, with only a phone. Let’s check it out!

Video: Pro Street Portraits of Strangers… With a Phone?

Today, we’re hitting the streets of Orange, California and rather than a dedicated camera, I’ll be using my phone to photograph strangers. The great part of shooting street portraits with a phone is being able to edit and deliver the photograph right then and there!

Portrait #1: Finnigan

street portraits puppy

Our first subject is Finnigan, an adorable puppy. Since he was on the smaller side, I got low to the ground and shot from his perspective. Simple and easy.

Portrait #2: Taylor

street portraits reflection

Next, I photographed Taylor. I had her stand against the door and placed the camera right against the glass to capture her reflection. A quick tip for street portraits is to flip your phone to get your lens close to any surface. This will help get lower angles or reflections like this.

Portrait #3: Emerson

street portraits staircase

For our final street portrait, I asked Emerson to pose on this staircase. I angled up toward the top of the staircase and framed so that the lines in the photo would lead to his face.


Edited in Lightroom Mobile with VF Presets > Mood Pack Mobile

I hope you enjoyed this article/video. Next time you’re trying out street portraits, I challenge you to try it with just your phone! We have an entire course on Creative Photography using just a mobile phone so be sure to check that out on SLR Lounge Premium. You can pair that with the Mood Pack Mobile from Visual Flow to edit your photographs on the go!

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