Sony’s latest firmware update for the ZV-1 mirrorless system has been officially released adding the capability to use it as a live streaming webcam while connected with USB (eliminating the need for an HDMI Adapter!).

“The Sony ZV-1 is the best compact vlogging camera around, though it’s not quite perfect, and some of the key differences might incline you to save up a little more for a Sony RX100-series camera instead. ” – Matthew Saville

The new firmware is focused on adding new & easy features to bloggers and live-streamers by letting the system be set up as a webcam without any additional software or hardware. Once installed, simply connect your camera to your computer with the included USB cable and it should be autodetected as a camera option for any video conference or streaming service you’ve got running.

An added bonus, you don’t need this to be connected to a computer to work. In fact, you can connect this to smartphones like the Xperia 5ii (running android), and start broadcasting live!

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Read the full release with download links below;

Sony today announced a new free firmware update for the digital camera ZV-1 that allows users to easily utilize its high-quality video and audio for live-streaming by simply connecting the camera directly to a PC.

With this firmware update, users can easily connect the ZV-1 to a PC via USB to utilize the high-quality video stream and built-in microphone for crystal-clear audio for everyday uses from live streaming via social media platforms to video conferencing. Additionally, when the camera is connected to one of Sony’s Xperia™ smartphones, users can live stream on the go and use the Xperia smartphone as a secondary display to read comments and monitor the live feed.

Recently, there has been an increase in demand for live streaming and a growing expectation for its image and audio quality. This firmware update allows users to take full advantage of the ZV-1’s high-quality video as well as excellent audio capabilities, utilizing high-quality UVC/UAC support, for live streaming, video calls, and more. This capability will also be added to additional compatible cameras in the future.

This firmware updated is available now and can be downloaded below:

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