Coming into 2016 there was a strong sense that this was going to be a break-out year for print. Those who are working photographers, and particularly wedding photographers, know all too well that perhaps the most exciting moment for a client is the moment they get their hands on the prints and albums – It’s a watershed moment.

Given how momentous that occasion is, it’s interesting that for a long time the sweeping adoption of digital seemed to suggest that the print was relic; something analogue in a digital world, about as useful as rubbing two sticks together for fire in the presence of a lighter. But consider that Fuji’s annual report was recently released and their wildly popular X Series cameras are down in sales but their Instax and printing solutions are way up, and it becomes one of a myriad of indications that people are longing for something a bit more tangible; we’re longing for the print.


In fact, just a few weeks ago our own Pye Jirsa got in front of the camera at our offices to share with you his favorite picture, a print of him and his dad, and told the story that came along with it and shared his thoughts on the value of print. He shared that in our new offices we’ll have a large space set aside just to show friends and family work we’re proud of and show them how a print affects a room. Fundy Designer is likely going to be integral to that, and Fundy himself, the man behind the machine, has been on his own journey to share why he believes so much in print.

Every moment I spend time with my family, I’m reminded of the importance of print. When you print your photos, special moments in our lives are forever frozen in time, and become the bridge to future generations.


We’ve followed him along the ride thus far, a ride that’s taken him over 5000 miles from home to a century-old photo studio in France where his great uncle had his portrait taken about 100 years ago. The idea was to recreate this very photo in the same studio 100 years apart, and the journey of the endeavor has brought to light even more about the importance of printing by way of the people along the way; further re-enforcing how intrinsically valuable a printed photograph is. Check our the trailer below, and learn more about Fundy Software here. You can also check out Pye’s story a little further down.

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