We spend much of our time immersed in a digital world. From our entertainment, our communication, and yes, our photography, we spend our days migrating from screen to screen. However, for the vast majority of its history, our craft has found its fulfillment not on a screen, but on the walls of galleries, in the albums of clients, and in homes of our loved ones, and 2016 has been a big year for the return of print – which is why this tutorial by Michael Woloszynowicz is not only useful, but so timely.

Most of us are a product of the digital photography age but always eager to learn the best ways of bringing our photography into the real world. This video is a crash course on prepping your files for printing, and broken down in Michael’s typical easy to follow way. Find highlights here, and the full video below:

He begins by creating a separate image to edit, creating a border in photoshop to previsualize what it will look like, and setting the appropiate image resolution. Next, he dives into editing the image. He adjusts the contrast and more to acheive the right look. As you watch, take note that his choices are, obviously, geared toward achieveing the best look on paper. There are many considerations in this process that some of us, who don’t print as much, simply won’t take into account when we only plan to deliver digital files. This video has a lot of insights, but it is worth the time it takes to consume. If you’re not only interested in printing more of your images, but getting the most out of your prints, this tutorial is a great start.

Michael always puts out quality tutorials with high utility and you can find more from him on his site and YouTube channel.

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About the author: Wendell is a Multimedia Producer from East Point, GA. who loves capturing the people and moments that fill his life. When not documenting the innovation work at Chick-fil-A corporate, he can be found shooting at his church, the streets of East Point, or his wife’s cake studio.

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