Earlier today Sigma Corporation announced the pricing and availability for their new 120-300 F2.8 lens. The new 120-300 is the first in their sports line of lenses to become available so far. The new lens will be available starting in early May for a street prince of $3,599. The lens will only be available in Sigma and Canon mounts at launch, with Nikon mounts to follow.

“As the first lens of our Sports lineup to become available, we’re glad to continue the next round of our Global Vision lenses with the 120-300mm F2.8”


I shoot a lot of sports, and I am drooling over this lens. I would love the ability to pull out wide (when compared to 300mm) and then get in nice and close. I can also see this lens being a good nature and bird lens. I am excited, though with that understandably high price tag I have doubts I will ever get to use one of these.

If you are not financially challenged like me and would like to pre-order this lens you can do so through B&H.