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Price Increase for Premium Coming | Here’s How to Lock In Your Rate

By SLR Lounge Official on September 27th 2018

Since we started the SLR Lounge Premium Membership 3 years ago, our content library has grown significantly.  We just finished creating the most comprehensive and complete wedding photography education; and now we’re diving deep into our photography business training, covering proven strategies to help photographers grow their businesses.

Premium members are already saying things like, “I paid a business coach a pretty penny to get LESS information than what’s being offered in this business course. I’m recommending it to everyone I know!” – Crystal S.

With our growing library and addition of high-value business training, we are increasing our premium membership prices to $499/year during mid-November 2018.  But, if you’re already an existing member or if you sign up prior to the price increase, we will lock in your rate of $299/year forever.

Here’s how it works …

For Non Premium Members

Sign up for Premium using this Code: RATELOCK

That’s it!  You’re locked in at the discounted rate until you decide to cancel your membership.  To get started, click here.

For Premium Members with active annual accounts

If you’re a premium member with an active account, we have automatically applied the discount to your account.  As long as your credit card is up-to-date, and your account is NOT set to cancel, you will see a $299 charge (instead of the full $348) whenever your account is up for renewal.

For Premium Members with accounts set to cancel

If you’re a premium member with an account that you have set to cancel, we have NOT applied a discount.  If your account is set to cancel and you’d like to take advantage of this permanent discount before the price increase, please email help@slrlounge.com with your request.

For Premium Members on a monthly or quarterly plan

If you’re a premium member on a monthly plan or quarterly plan, you can either choose to continue on your current plan (at your current rate) indefinitely, or we can help you switch over to this new discounted annual plan. Please email help@slrlounge.com if you’d like more information.

To clarify, if you choose to remain on your current plan, nothing will change so long as your credit card is up-to-date and you do not cancel your membership.

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  1. Mykey Day

    My account fulfils the criteria above but does not show the new rate? Do I need to do anything to make it apply?

    | |
  2. J O

    While you guys put out EXCELLENT work, I feel that this is too high. Not everyone lives in a big city and makes big $. Bummed. 

    | |
    • Christopher Lin

      We completely understand your concern. This is why we are giving everyone a chance to lock in the rate at $299 prior to the increase.

      | |