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Price Drop Coming For Nikon D750 April 16th

By Anthony Thurston on April 14th 2015

According to a new report over on Nikon Rumors, the Nikon D750 will have a significant price drop, bringing the popular body just under the $2,000 mark.


The report states that on April 16th, Nikon will officially drop the price of the D750 by $300 from $2,296 to $1,996. This brings the popular FX body closer in price to stiff competition from the likes of Sony’s A7 II and Canon’s 6D.

It’s also worth noting that the D750 is also currently available for $600 in savings with Nikon’s current bundle rebates. The catch, of course, is that you still end up spending more than the regular cost of the D750 due to being forced to bundle with less than ideal lenses.



D750 Specifications

  • 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor
  • EXPEED 4 Image Processor
  • 3.2″ 1,229k-Dot RGBW Tilting LCD Monitor
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 60 fps
  • Multi-CAM 3500FX II 51-Point AF Sensor
  • Native ISO 12800, Extended to ISO 51200
  • Continuous Shooting Up to 6.5 fps
  • 91k-Pixel RGB Sensor and Group Area AF
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Time Lapse Shooting & Exposure Smoothing

So, if you have been keeping your eye on the D750 or are about ready to pull the trigger on one, maybe wait until the 16th and see if this price drop actually happens. I mean, who doesn’t want to save $300 if they can?

[via Nikon Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Great camera

    | |
  2. Rafael Steffen

    With the discout, we can go and by the grip which helps a lot for portrait shooters.

    | |
  3. Jerry Atienza


    | |
  4. Valerie Holifield

    I want this camera so bad lol

    | |
  5. robert garfinkle

    This is how I purchased the D810. When it went on sale around xmas there I was pulling the trigger on a purchase.

    | |
  6. jozef povazan

    Well I had mine since January for less then it will be with this price drop and the only thing I can add is going to buy a second one or D810 as well. AF is fast and accurate, files are pleasure to work with, and the only part which is a bit slower then D3s is reaction of the buttons when pressed, like menu etc… on D3s it is faster without any lack, on D750 for some reason sometimes it just takes too long or I have to press it again…hm… great little camera though :)

    | |
  7. Peter Nord

    Is this due to the stronger dollar?

    | |
    • Rafael Steffen

      True or Nikon is trying to convice people who are still thinking og buying Canon Cameras.

      | |
    • Mathieu F

      Most likely.
      The price in Canada was at a bargain compared to the US. I saw many US shoppers online being on the fence about buying it from there.
      The Yen was already weaker against the dollar around the time it came out, a couple of month after you could already find some much cheaper ($1900) on the grey market.

      | |
  8. desmond chislom


    | |
  9. Chris Nachtwey

    Why would be my question? If it’s true I’m kinda bummed since I just bought one a few weeks ago, but it’s selling like hot cake why drop the price?

    | |
    • Rafael Steffen

      I think it is to beat Canon once for all! This camera is so much superior to Canon 6D.

      | |
    • Rafael Steffen

      I want to test one and see how much better the new AF of this camera is compared to the D810 or D4S.

      | |
    • Nick Viton

      Yes, why?
      Perhaps a D750s announcement is on the horizon…
      (ok, not likely)

      | |
    • robert garfinkle

      Return you unit, buy when it drops – or ask for price protection…

      start the legwork to ensure you benefit from the price drop…

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Although you’re the umpteenth person I’ve interacted with who has either added the D750 to their bag, or switched systems entirely for it, I dunno if anybody has said it’s “selling like hot cake” as you say. It may, like the Canon 6D, be extremely popular among the online crowd, yet not selling nearly enough in the real world.

      Either way, I welcome a price drop. It always means my 2nd body could be more affordable! :-P

      | |
    • Jerry Atienza


      | |