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Who Can Find Success with SLR Lounge Premium?

Aspiring Professionals

Transition from hobbyist to pro by mastering all of your essential skills, from manual mode to post-production. Continue your progression with flash photography, posing your subjects, advanced post, web marketing, SEO & more.  We're here to guide you along your entire journey.

Seasoned Professionals

For seasoned pros, take your artistry and business to the next level by adding advanced techniques like Panoramic Stitching and other special effects. Improve your post production speed & quality w/ our powerful presets.  And refine your client experience & marketing strategies to push your business forward! 

What Skills Will I Gain By Joining Premium?

Here are just a few skills that will be covered in all the included Premium courses.

What's Included?

Over $2,000 in Photography

Learn from our industry-leading, comprehensive workshops! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have tutorials to help you grow as a photographer.  Maybe you're trying to grasp basic concepts; or maybe you're a professional looking to gain a full mastery of advanced technical concepts.

No matter your experience level, we're confident that you'll benefit from our large and growing library of education.

Early Access to New Tutorials

As a Premium member, get first access to our latest tutorials.  As we complete each chapter of our new workshops, we upload the videos directly to the platform, so you no longer have to wait until the entire workshop is complete like the rest of the community.

Exclusive Partner Discounts

Included in your membership is exclusive access to partnership discounts from some of the top photography brands.  Get the best deals on some of the most coveted gear, software, and services in the industry.

Private Facebook Community

Experience a passionate community dedicated to learning and helping others on their photography journey.  Ask questions, connect with Pye and SLR Lounge writers, and stay up-to-date with all of our latest workshop releases, partnership discounts, and other member benefits!


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Rashad Mosley of Vision & Style Photography
"Having SLR Lounge Premium in my back pocket is invaluable."
Michael Waller of Michael Waller Photography
"There is not another training program on the market that can better prepare you to run a photography business."
Timothy Going of Timothy Going Photography
"Their tutorials were the most comprehensive, the most entertaining, incredibly well produced and by far the best bang of the buck!...The little time I do have available to improve my photography skills is now spent watching SLR Lounge Premium Content."
Trevor Daley of Trevor Daley Photography
"From posing to lighting to SEO and post-production, SLR Lounge has helped turn our hobby business into a full-time studio. If you're on the fence about it, get off the fence and go invest in your future with SLR Lounge Premium. You won't regret it." 
Bryan Schneider of Schneider Family Photography
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I receive the presets, cloud pack, textures and other resources with my subscription?

A: Yes,  you receive all of the resources

Q: Do the Premium subscriptions renew automatically?

A: Yes, your Annual subscription will renew automatically unless you set them to cancel. You can see the date and amount of your next renewal in your Account Settings under Membership status when you login to your account, or click here.

Q: What is your Cancellation and Refund Policy?

A: Cancel at Any Time. If you cancel, your subscription will be active until the end of your current billing period. Our Premium Subscriptions are non-refundable and we do not offer credit for partially used periods.