Have you ever been outside taking photos and told the subject to step into the shade under an awning or had them stand in front of a white wall to brighten them up? If yes, then you have already used a reflector without even knowing it! The Reflector is such an important tool in the sense that it can lighten up a scene or shadow a scene. Photoflex litepanels can be taken with you anywhere; and you can have them up and running within minutes.

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What I love about Photoflex Litepanels is the ability to see the result I am getting in real time, you can really control and shape a scene with really soft and beautiful light using litepanels. Light panels also give you the option to change the layer of the panel to silver or gold which can brighten up a scene even more or add warmth to a scene. There are also times where I might be on a shoot by myself so having the ability to mount these on a c stand is a life saver and another great feature.

You are not always going to find awnings and white walls you can use for your shoot, that’s where the portability and stowing convenience of Photoflex lightpanels make them a great tool to take anywhere. Tools like these are what really helps create such fun and interesting photos. If you are just starting out as a photographer or you are a professional photographer litepanels are a tool you can really fall in love with.

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