It is beginning to look like Sigma is on course to release yet another groundbreaking lens in the coming months. This time it seems Sigma will be announcing – according to the rumors – a 16-20mm F/2 lens in their Art Line of lenses. An important point here is that this would be a full frame lens, unlike the 18-35 F/1.8, making it one of – if not the – fastest ultra-wide full frame lenses on the market (prime or zoom).

I can see some of you rolling your eyes now, yes a 16-20mm may seem like a silly zoom range to the uneducated – but this is actually a great range because you get three classic focal lengths (16,18, and 20) in one lens with an aperture better than most ultrawide lenses have (prime or zoom). This lens is an astrophotographer’s dream lens, assuming its performance is on par with Sigma’s latest releases that is.

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The rumors are saying that the lens could hit stores sometime before summer 2014. This is obviously not very specific, so who knows how reliable the rumor is, but this is exciting news either way. Like I mentioned above this is an astrophotographer’s dream lens, as well as anyone who shoots the interiors of buildings as this lens would give you the wide shot you need as well as superb low light capability.

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