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Possible Nikon D400/D4X Announcement Coming In January

By Anthony Thurston on December 25th 2013

We are beginning to receive word that Nikon may be announcing a new flagship camera in the coming weeks. Nikon’s current flagship cameras are the full frame D4 and the crop sensor D300s, meaning that the new body could possibly be the long awaited D400.


According to a post by the Dubai Photo Club, Nikon will be announcing “a new body” on January 17th in Dubai. To build up for the release, Nikon is running a contest on the Nikon “Middle East & Africa” Facebook page that asks photographers the following:

  • What makes your heart race?
  • What makes your heart skip a beat?
  • What warms your heart?
  • Is it speed and adrenaline, the thrill of excitement, or the emotion of the moment?

Since Nikon’s D4 and D300s are the company’s top options for action and sports photography, it is not a leap to think that either a D300s or D4 replacement is going to be announced. The other interesting thing is that Nikon Rumors is reporting that NPS Japan has stopped selling D4’s in their equipment exchange program – a sign, they say, that a new flagship model is coming.

You can read the full post on the Dubai photo clubs page here. The Nikon Rumors post mentioned can be found here.

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My Thoughts on the Rumor

The only thing that gives me pause here is that there has been no buzz surrounding a camera launch. If a new flagship camera is in fact about to be launched, you would think that Nikon would be teasing the crap out of it like they did with the Df.

But speaking to the rumors directly, I would say that it is much more likely that a D4 replacement is getting released than a D400 finally coming out. Especially with the news that was reported in the NR post regarding NPS Japan no longer selling D4 cameras in their exchange program.

Personally, I would much rather see a D300s replacement, as it is something that I could actually afford. But, if I am being honest with myself I know that it is highly unlikely. One can dream… it is Christmas after all!

[via Dubai Photo Club]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Anji

    I gave up waiting game on D400 and bought used D7000 as an upgrade from D200 after long value for the price comparison with D7100. Well someone can say it is not upgrade. True I missed true viewfinder in D200 and cool dedicated controls on body such as (White balance, ISO, Picture quality…etc . But gained ISO sensitivity and quick autofocus with my lenses. I can be happy with another year with this set up and I will invest on lenses in 2014.

    Sometimes we dont realize how many things we already own and less effort to make use of it. Start shooting more …

    | |
  2. Richard

    I find it difficult to believe that the answer is “both”. A D400 would please me, but the timing is correct for a D4 successor prior to the Olympics.

    I think what most of us would really like (perhaps you can add it as a choice to the poll) is for the entire board and managent team at Nikon to be forcibly retired by the stockholders. They are running a proud company into the ground.

    | |
  3. David

    Have to be honest, I grow tired of all the camera body introductions. It just seems as though these camera manufacturers introduce, then obsolete camera bodies all the time now. I remember when I bought my D3s. It wasn’t 4 weeks later when the D4 hit the market. All I ask is if you introduce a new “flagship”…. please make it worthy of the introduction. Don’t introduce just for the sake of introducing. Make the product “significantly” better. Not just a new model number with a button change or some silly small change.

    | |
    • Wilson Wong U S

      Hi David,

      I totally agree with you. Like the D200 to D300 and then to D300s, the improvements are really not that significant to justify the jump.

      However the hiatus from D300s to D400 (if it ever comes) can be significant judging what Fujifilm & Sony has done for APS-C sensors.

      But the key issue is the introduction of Sony A7 mirrorless. If Nikon can just forget about the N1 and just give a good APS-C mirrorless in a FM2 body I would love to get my hands on that instead.

      | |
  4. Valters

    I hope D400 wont be D7100 tuned sensor in pro body. From the other hand, I don’t care, I am FX shooter. :) But if it will be FX camera, and proper D700 replacement for some reason, then I will have to sell my new D610 ..

    | |
  5. Owen

    I think this website makes unfounded speculation based posts. Why post about it if it’s “highly unlikely” other than to generate traffic?

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Owen, thanks for your comment but I think you need to read the post a little closer. What I said was that I think the camera that will be announced is “highly unlikely” to be the D400 and is more likely to be the D4X. As for the rumor itself, as with any rumor the whole fun is the debate and discussion about whether or not it is true and what it means if it is. If you want posts based on facts then stay away from rumor posts.

      | |
  6. Guibs

    A D4X, with a 24 Mp sensor, 12 fps and a Full HD 60fps would be very welcome!

    | |
  7. nick

    A D400 FX would make a lot of people very happy.

    | |
    • Keshav

      I don’t think they will make the D400 an FX, It will kill the point of it being an crop sensor flagship, plus they wouldn’t want to harm the sales of their own d610 and d800

      | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I don’t see that happening Nick. Their budget FX is the D610, a D400 which is FX would only hurt sales of that. What Nikon really needs is a pro level flagship crop sensor body, which is what most assume a D400 would be.

      | |
    • Nick

      You’re right, I know. I’m just dreaming along with you.
      It would be awesome though.

      | |
    • Nick

      …although, another way to look at it is that Nikon sales are already hurting.
      A full frame D400 would not only stop the bleeding, but INCREASE overall sales for Nikon. I’m a prime candidate for the D610 and I don’t want it. I can see more people wanting a D400 FX over a D610. Would you agree with that? Selling boatloads of full frame D400s would be significantly better for Nikon than the current sales of the D610.
      You’re right that it’s not likely to happen. However, it would be better for Nikon if it did.

      | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I disagree completely Nick. The whole reason the D400 would have the specs that it does is because it is the top of the line crop sensor camera. If it was made into an FX camera then it would likely be even lower than the D610, would you want a camera that is even lower than the D610? Not every camera needs to be a FX camera, there are people who need and want a pro level DX body.

      | |
    • Rafael Steffen

      I agree.

      | |