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Posing Makes An Image | See Male Model Hit 25 Poses in 30 Seconds

By Kishore Sawh on October 2nd 2015

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I like beautiful things and always have. We all do, but standard beauty can be boring, and the more you’re around it, the more you’ll likely find yourself attracted to the slightly unusual. Different is often good, and then your idea of beauty changes too. I can appreciate 90’s ultra-model ideal of a beautiful face and figure, and when I was younger, it’s only what I sought in my underexposed naiveté. The idea, for example, of a gap-toothed model would be abhorrent.

That’s changed now, and ‘beautiful’ becomes a much more vaguely defined concept, in my humble opinion, as experience grows, and appreciation expands. As a photographer though, you come to realize somewhat early on that there is a great leveler of all of this in relation to your subjects, and that is what the subject conveys, and generally done through pose.


The pose is a truly transformative thing, an art more than science, and the right pose can be what elevates a simple image from snapshot to something more; something evocative, something special. Canadian model hailing from the ‘6’, Coco Rocha, has quite literally built her boundless career around being the ‘Queen of Pose,’ and even released a tome dedicated to 1000 poses of the art. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be something deep either, even for catalogue looks striking the right pose will highlight a product better for sale, and if a model actually has a quill full of poses to pull out and quickly, that tends to make everyone in a shoot happy.


Which neatly brings us to the viral video below, posted by FB user Sick Chirpse, that shows a BTS video of a male model striking about 25 rapid-fire poses in a matter of 30 seconds. I can’t figure out if he is getting paid per pose versus by the hour, or this is his way of keeping up energy on a shoot, but it is pretty incredible, if not awkward. It certainly harks back to the video of Coco Rocha striking about 50 close-up poses in 30 seconds.


A+ catalogue model skills

Posted by Sick Chirpse on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I’ve photographed some incredibly beautiful women by any definition, and yet, so many of them are all face and no trousers, so to speak, due to the lack of ability to pose. Mark my words, the pose, the ability to convey and be compelling lies not in physical structure but in posing and expression. For many, if not most people, it’s not easy, so when a model can roll in and really have an understanding of this concept, you kinda gotta sorta love them, and those models are the ones who get called back.

Source: PetaPixel

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