In this episode of Weekly CC, (Weekly Constructive Critique) we have some pretty awesome portraits to go through!

This week’s batch of photos seem to collectively remind us of a few tips when shooting portraits as well as people in general:  Firstly, be careful with your composition and cropping; you want to be careful of “cutting off fingers”, or other things that may look weird in the final image.  Secondly, always take a step back and double-check your post-processing, make sure it is not “over the top” and tone things down if necessary…

Prize Giveaway

A $50 gift card to the SLR Lounge Store will be given to our top pick in each episode!  If you are the winner of this episode, please contact us and we’ll hook you up! Click HERE to visit the SLR Lounge Store.  (Watch the video or scroll down to see who won the gift card in this episode!)


The Weekly CC

The Images

Weekly CC Episode 19
First Communion – By rhuber

Weekly CC Episode 19

Dude Under the Pier – By axmauradi

Weekly CC Episode 19

Girl With a Dandelion – By Marcel Lr

Weekly CC Episode 19

Beauty & Light – By Algreen

Weekly CC Episode 19

The Pier – By jackchaskell


The Winner

And now, this weeks’ CC prize goes to…

Weekly CC Episode 19
Baseball Picture – By MoPhotos

Thanks everyone for submitting images and participating! We’re really excited about the community we’re building here at SLR Lounge, and we’re happy to have you join and participate on our forums at

Thanks for viewing!