The Story

Eric Langlois, a popular wedding photographer based out of New Milford, CT, has recently gone missing on June 11th 2013. He was last spotted at Lovers Leap Park in New Milford, CT where his wife Amber dropped him off to pick up his mountain bike that had fallen into some water the day prior to him being missing.

A body has been found but has not been confirmed to have been him by any authorities. This was a very tragic happening and it hurts to hear about an incident like this of another fellow wedding photographer.

This is another reminder to be careful on and off the job.

How You Can Help

via Newstimes

A fundraiser has been started to help support the Eric’s wife Amber and their two children to get through this tough cycle in their lives. Every donation, big or small, counts. Please take the time to donate and help out another fellow photographer and his family to the Langlois Family Fund as it would be greatly appreciated.

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