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Popular Hacker Discovers Possible Liveview RAW recording capabilities in Nikon D7100 Firmware

By Anthony Thurston on June 27th 2013

Popular camera hacker, best known for his GH2 Hack, Vitaliy Kiselev recently released the latest version of his NTools firmware patcher for Nikon cameras. In his comments on the page Vitaliy makes reference to what could possibly be the kick in the butt hackers have needed to hack Nikon’s firmware; He notes references in the firmware to a possible LiveView RAW mode on the Nikon D7100.


To quote him directly “D7100 has fun string present in firmware “A:LvRaw%03d.raw”. If someone do not understand, it means LiveView Raw.” Obviously this is just the beginning, since Nikon’s firmware has been sort of an enigma for the camera hacking community there is no telling when or if Vitaliy or any other hacker would be able to enable such a mode.

But with all of the work that magic lantern has been doing with Canon camera’s lately, its got to be mouthwatering to all of you Nikon users out there. Nikon uses more powerful processors than Canon does, faster SD card slots too – all of this means that if such a mode is able to be unlocked, the D7100 could become a very powerful filmmaking tool. Like I said, that is a BIG if, but if it happens this could very well open the flood gates and hackers may actually create a decent Magic Lantern alternative on Nikon.

What are your thoughts on this news? Do you think hackers will crack the Nikon firmware and enable the fabled D7100 RAW video mode? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via EOSHD]

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    Hopefully waiting for an alternative like magic lantern for my D7100

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