For years PolarPro has been known for its premium and comprehensive range of ND and polarizing filters for cameras and drones. In fact, they appear as the choice of preference at GoPro´s official website due to the high quality and durability of their glasses.

Also, it is known that the company has been assertive in taking into consideration the feedback given by industry-leading photographers and videographers to improve their line of products. These collaborations are a complement of their own exploration of research and development.

PolarPro differs from other options in the market due to the high durability of each product in their lineup, endured with top-notch quality.

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Why Use Filters For Your Drone?

Filters are common in landscape photography. They help photographers craft images that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Aerial photographers using drones should understand what filters are available and which they can use to get the best possible photos and videos.

Filters help minimize glare and reflections, enhance colors, reduce the light coming into the lens, and more. Each lens filter serves a specific purpose, as each one is built to deliver a specific effect that can help enhance the final look of an image.

They Can Correct or Enhance Colors

There are certain types of photography filters that can alter or boost the colors in your images. Some have the ability to correct the color temperature of a scene, while others can enhance color and contrast for a more vibrant image.

Help Get An Accurate Exposure

When working with particularly difficult lighting conditions, filters are a great option for achieving even and accurate exposure across your entire image. They do this by blocking some of the light that enters the lens (in varying degrees). These are particularly helpful when shooting outdoors during the daytime, particularly when using fast shutter speeds may not be enough to avoid overexposure.

Polarizing Filters

This type of filter will enhance an image in ways that cannot be achieved by any other method. As its name suggests, a polarizer is a special type of filter that has the ability to block polarized (i.e. reflected) light – often seen as “glare”.

Neutral Density (ND) filters

Unlike the polarizing filter which changes the way the image looks; ND filters aim to remain ‘neutral’ and simply reduce the overall amount of light coming through the lens. Like dark sunglasses for a camera, by reducing the amount of light coming through the lens, ND filters allow the photographer to purposefully compensate by slowing the shutter speed down and achieving motion blur effects, even in situations of bright light. When elements in the scene are moving, such as a waterfall, waves, clouds, or even people, a range of creative possibilities are opened up.

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Cinema Series from PolarPro

The Cinema Series glass features multi-coated true-glass optics for high light transmission and a low refractive index. The filters are designed specifically for aerial filming, featuring lightweight construction that utilizes a precision-threaded aircraft aluminum frame to help ensure smooth gimbal operation.

You immediately get a sense of the filters’ high quality when you open the package. The filters are enclosed in gold bezels that project solid design quality, and the set comes with a reusable case. No noticeable image quality is lost, which is a testament to the filter quality. The end result is an ability to capture smooth, cinematic aerial videos without artifacts.


This set includes ND4, ND8, and ND16 neutral density filters that reduce shutter speed and ND4/PL, ND8/PL, and ND16/PL neutral density/polarizing filters to control shutter speed and cut glare. New to the ND/PL filters are polarization reference indicators built into the frames for quick and easy polarization adjustment. Each filter features Cinema Series production grade multi-coated glass to get the most dynamic detail from the Mavic 2 Pro’s Hasselblad camera, to give your Mavic 2 content that professionally defined cinematic look.

Limited Collection

Included filters are high-intensity ND32 (5-stop) and ND64 (6-stop) filters as well as an ND32/PL and an ND64/PL to reduce shutter speed and polarize scenes suffering from harsh, reflective light conditions. For quick and simple polarization adjustment, ND/PL frames feature etched polarization guide lines. Limited Collection filters thread on in place of the stock Mavic 2 Pro UV filter, ensuring easy installation and proper gimbal balance, and AirFrame technology radically reduces total filter weight for fluid compatibility with the Mavic 2 Pro gimbal system, no counter balance required.

Features & Technical Specifications

  • Precisely engineered for DJI Mavic 2 (choose Pro or Zoom)
  • Includes: ND4, ND8, ND16, ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL Mavic 2 filters, stock UV tool
  • Polarization indicator laser etched onto each ND/PL frame marks the strongest linear polarization angle
  • Cinema Series Glass – Low refractive index, color neutrality, perfect target transmission
  • Redesigned magnetic filter case with easier filter access and visibility
  • Adventure Assurance™ – Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.

Image Samples

Jamie Malcolm-Brown



Jenny Wong



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Final thoughts

Photographer Jenny Wong says “The filters are phenomenal. The color cast is neutral which makes postprocessing easy. Lifetime warranty makes me rest assure that they will survive the rugged adventures I take them on. The drone filters are top of the class. The fit and balance on the gimbal is perfect, and the glass is flawless. Even without water I almost always use a cp as a minimum of not ND. From up high even the slightest wetness on the ground can glare.

The packaging/cases is secure for me to bring anywhere. With magnetic closure, the filters are secure and safe but easily accessible. Especially all the tiny drone filters.”

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