Filters are not as important now as they were back before digital sensors were housed inside our cameras. Back in the day, filters were needed to influence how the image was captured by the film, now they are mostly unnecessary due to the ease of post processing.


But one form of filter is just as relevant today as it was before the rise of digital, the polarizer filter. Steve Perry, whom we have featured multiple times for his wonderful and informative YouTube tutorials, just released a instructional how to guide for polarizers and why you should have one.

I think that many new and upcoming photographers, especially those of us who have come up in the digital age, are too quick to write off most filters as unnecessary in today’s post production world, where things like SLR Lounge’s Lightroom Preset system make it easy to produce any look without the need for filters.


Just about the only filters that I own are random UV filters as extra lens protection, and my variable intensity ND filter for when I am shooting video outside. But, after watching this video, I can definitely see the benefit to using a polarizer filter in many situations and I will likely go grab one.

If you, like me, are now interested in trying out some polarizer filters you can find a great selection of them over at B&H. They have options as affordable as $18 for a Tiffen, all the way up to expensive models like the $139 for the Nikon model that he mentions in his video.


What are your thoughts on this video? Did you already know about the benefits of a polarizer, or was this old news for you? Leave a comment below!

via PetaPixel (screenshot taken from video)