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Polar Bear at Zoo Got Lens Happy Chewing on Canon 70-200mm

By fotosiamo on October 13th 2012

Most of us know that the act of changing a lens on a camera body can get a little precarious when you’re in a hurry. For one unlucky woman who was shooting at a German Zoo’s polar bear exhibit, her mishap with changing her Canon 70-200mm mkI Zoom Lens caused her to accidentally drop the lens over the guard rail and into the paws and teeth of a rather playful polar bear.

Polar Bear Canon 70-200mm lens 1
All photos by Marion and Dieter

German photographers Marion and Dieter happened to be there when this was happening and managed to grab several frames of the polar bear’s new chew toy.

Polar Bear Canon 70-200mm lens 3

Polar Bear Canon 70-200mm lens 2

So although you may not be changing your lens over the ledge of a bear exhibit anytime soon, just remember to slow down a bit when you are changing your lens so you don’t drop your lens. If anything, you’ll save yourself the headache caused from a dinged (or chewed) lens.

Thanks to Peta Pixel for the link!

You can check out more of Marion and Dieter’s work on their website.


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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Thanks for posting

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  2. Ed Rhodes

    ouch, thats a lot of money down the drain. does insurance cover polar bears?

    | |
  3. Bob

    the true questions here are:
    Did she get it back?  …and did it still work?

    | |
  4. Shaun Hill

    So funny when the Polar Bear tosses it!

    | |
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  6. Steve

    70-200* not 24-700

    | |