PocketWizard has opened a new online store here in the US, which allows you to purchase their products direct from the lighting accessory company. Previously, you could only purchase through other retailers or distributors.


The move marks another step for the American lighting trigger company, who has seen its grip on the marketplace loosen considerably with the introduction of lower priced, but equally reliable triggers.

The interesting point here though is that if you decide to purchase direct from PocketWizard, it will cost you more than anywhere else. This is not so uncommon, as many companies strictly stick to MSRP, so as not to undercut their retail partners. But if you want to buy a PocketWizard Plus X from this new PW store, it will cost you $103 vs. the $99 you can get it for at B&H.

Personally, unless this is just the first step for PW to go all Paul C Buff on us and to direct sales only, I hardly see the point. The deals will always be better from retailers like B&H, so why would anyone want to pay more to buy it direct from PocketWizard. Unless there is some advantage I am not currently seeing, it feels like a pointless move.

If you want to learn more, or want to buy direct from PocketWizard, you can do so by visiting the new store here.