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PocketWizard, Bowens, and Sekonic Team Up With Joint Announcement

By Anthony Thurston on March 1st 2014

In the wake of what can only be be described as terrifying news coming out of PocketWizard, the company has announced a new alliance with light manufacturer, Bowens as well as a renewed partnership with Light Meter company, Sekonic.


The three companies hope to increase sales by partnering up and making their new products compatible with each other. What this looks like right now is PocketWizard releasing a new “Bowens Yellow” Plus III, and Bowens adding a new optional module for their Gemeni Monolights that allow them to be triggered by both PocketWizard triggers and Sekonic Light Meters (with the build in PW triggers).

[REWIND: Poor Sales Lead To Major Shakeup At PocketWizard]

The partnership between PocketWizard and Sekonic is not new, the two companies have teamed up on many of Sekonics light meters, giving them the ability to trigger PW units. The addition of Bowens though is interesting, as it gives PocketWizard an outlet to possibly get their triggering technology integrated into new Bowens lights – without the need for an “optional” adapter. That is where I see this going eventually, but for the sake of getting some good PR now, the companies settled on an optional adapter in the mean time.

I think that this is definitely a step in the right direction for PocketWizard, building more alliances and adding more lights with built in PW tech will give PW an edge over cheaper trigger brands. But, what this does not do is appease those calling the triggers overpriced. Still, this shows that PocketWizard is not going down without a fight. Hopefully, this leads to newer and better things.

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Do you like the partnership or do you think this is bad news? Leave a comment below to join the discussion.

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  2. Juan Carlos Benítez

    PW lideró por un tiempo el mercado con su señal de radio compatible con TTL… Hoy la tendencia apunta al uso de equipos profesionales inalambricos y autónomos, compatibles con TTL. Esta oferta todavía es limitada… por lo tanto cualquier intento por mejorar o alcanzar este standard será de utilidad para la fotografía… Con la alianza de Sekonic se ha dado un paso muy importante al medir tres fuentes de luz con tecnología TTL… Si con Bowens se logra aprovechar todo lo alcanzado por PW y SEKONIC, creo que todos nos beneficiariamos….

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  3. Dave

    PW are no more reliable then the Yongnuo’s. People often complain about misfiring PW. Just google it and you’ll have hours of reading. So the mantra that PW are more reliable then the current crop of lesser expensive triggers is just blatantly false. Now I have the current crop of Yongnuo’s and it hasn’t misfired in thousands of shots, so why on earth would I spend 3x the money to get half the features? Are you listening PW? If you want to save your business then just make a trigger in the same price range at let’s say Youngnuo 622’s and you’d be back in the game if you matched them feature for feature and price.

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  4. Addison Geary

    PW did drop their price and improved the antenna. I love the new color, would make it easier to find in your bag in a dark environment. PW’s still have the edge as far as dependable performance. If you don’t mind missing some shots now and then go for the cheaper triggers but I’ll stick with my PW’s.

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  5. rob

    They should have got into making flashes and strobes themselves years ago.

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  6. rob

    I agree with your article. It’s a step in the right direction but
    its the pricing model that will ultimately kill them. They have great
    quality products, but when you can buy a whole set of triggers for
    mulitple flashes for the cost of one of their triggers (that you need at least 2 of) and
    also with the advent of radio flashes, its looking pretty bleak.
    Its a very competive market they are in and to make matters worse its a difficult
    economical enviroment.

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