You know that terrible feeling you get when you go to use your Pocket Wizards only to find that you had forgotten to charge the batteries? Pocket Wizard has announced a new power cable for Nikon DSLRs that will make it so you won’t have to feel this feeling ever again.

The cable, called the PW-DC-N10, is designed specifically to cover the distance from the port on your camera to the port on your Pocket Wizard trigger. According to Pocket Wizard the cable is compatible with any Nikon body that has a 10-pin terminal.


Worried about draining your camera battery powering your triggers? Don’t be, radio triggers use such a small amount of power that they will have a negligible effect on your battery life. Pocket Wizard says that there should be almost no impact on the battery life when using this cable.

So what about the price. Well, believe it or not it is only $20. Very affordable, and a bit cheaper than rechargeable batteries. This new cable will work with Pocket Wizard Plus III, Mini TT1, and MultiMax radio triggers.


[via Lighting Rumors]