The concept of adding storage to our digital devices seems almost commonplace now; almost as a right in this media driven world, unless of course your electronics are emblazoned with a fruit. Often times consumers buy phones with lower storage capacities only to add a fingernail-sized card that has four times the amount of storage space for less than the cost of a cheap filter.

The demand to carry more media and hold more photos has been heard from manufactures. Back in 2017 SanDisk released their Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card with a massive 400GB. Now PNY is set to dethrone the little giant with their recently announced 512GB Elite microSDXC memory card.

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The ½ a terabyte Elite will satisfy all but the gluttonous data hoarders with its ability to store over 80 hours of Full HD video or 100,000 18MP photos. The Elite checks the requirements to meet the Class 10 and U1 standard, but doesn’t meet A1 requirement, for quick editing and updating data. PNY boasts performance up to 90 MB/s though it doesn’t specify random performance, a requirement for the A1 rating.


  • Capacity : 512GB
  • Speed : 90 MB/s
  • Speed Class : Class 10, U1
  • Interface UHS-1
  • Accessories : Includes SD adapter

At $350 the price of top-tier storage doesn’t come cheap. An interesting note is that the less expensive SanDisk Ultra 400GB that PNY hopes to dethrone does meet the A1 spec for quickly open apps and process audio and graphics.

There is no option to order the PNY 512GB Elite microSDXC yet and no word has been given about a release date. With Computex set to start in a few days, we may see more 512GB for other manufacturers, as well.