Photographer Alix Martinez fell in love with photography at ten years old, when she picked up her first camera. Eventually majoring in photography and graphic design, Alix moved to New York City to pursue her dream. Now in Connecticut as a fine art children’s photographer, Alix is publishing two books and has quite a few accolades under her belt.

Not only does her work in children’s portraiture stand out, but she’s taken it to another level – under the water. The challenges of underwater portraiture are extensive, I’m sure, with flowing lighting situations, holding your breath, and very heavy camera housing to name a few. When your models are kids, I am sure the level of difficulty rises, but Alix makes it not only look easy, but fun and imaginative as well. As Alix tells My Modern Met,

The first time I [shot underwater] almost drowned because I saw a shot I did not want to miss, but it is so rewarding when you look at your images. When I started, I could only hold my breath for 25 seconds and now I feel like a marine going under for 2 minutes.



alixmartinez1 alixmartinez4

Her underwater series stars kids just being kids underwater, playing golf, twirling, drinking tea, and flying. And looking oh so graceful doing so. Alix uses minimial gear underwater favoring a Canon 24mm f/1.4 on her Canon 5D Mark III, safety encased in the Ikelite Underwater Housing with a dome. And of course googles and a nose plug.


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You can see Alix Martinez’s work on her website.

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