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Pixelstick, Revolutionizing The Way You Light Paint

By Lauren Kermelis on November 1st 2013

Background and Overview

Light painting never fails to amaze and entice us. While the creation of many LED instruments have been attempted in the past, their success with motion has been sub par. However, there is one in particular that seems to be ready to take on the world of long-exposure photography and motion by storm. It’s called Pixelstick.


Pixelstick Informational Video

How it Works

Pixelstick, a strip of 198 vibrantly colored LED’s is strategically cast in a lightweight aluminum casing and controlled by a small, attached box that contains an SD card reader.


It then reads images created in Photoshop (or other similar editing programs) and displays them one line at a time, within your long exposure.


Creative Possibilities

Pixelstick offers endless creative opportunities.





Pixelstick was introduced through Kickstarter and is within $10,000 of reaching their complete funding goal.

Images Courtesy of Pixelstick

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Lauren Kermelis is a freelance photographer wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Southern California.

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