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Pinterest Inks Deal With Getty Images To Close Copyright Hole

By Anthony Thurston on October 26th 2013


Pinterest is a copyright nightmare for photographers but in a deal announced yesterday with Getty Images the social network is taking steps to try and fix that. Getty Images controls the digital rights to over 80 million still images, and in return for some cash they have agreed to share meta data with Pinterest.

“As part of our agreement, we’ll pay Getty Images a fee for the data they share and will help make sure that their images get proper attribution,” Pinterest noted in its press release. “We’re just getting started with Getty Images but we’re excited about the possibilities of what their data can help us deliver.”

gettyAccording to Shareaholic Pinterest is second only to Facebook in referral traffic on the internet. In the past on deals like this, like the deal with Flickr for example, sites were willing to take the traffic Pinterest was sending as compensation for sharing the meta data of the images. The reason this makes sense is that sites like Flickr make their money on ads, so more traffic equals more money. For a service like Getty though the traffic does not relate to anymore money directly, and thus cash part of the deal  was necessary to make it worth Getty’s time.

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What makes this deal a good thing for photographers affiliated with Getty is that the company has said they intend on sharing the money earned from the deal with Pinterest with the photographers. So that closes at least one of the many copyright holes with the social network.

What are your thoughts on this? Does this do anything to effect your thoughts on Pinterest and copyright grey area surrounding it? Let us know in the comments below. 

[via Tech Crunch]

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