Working photographers can have a flood of business-related data bombarding them, but technology has the potential to lend a helping hand and ease one’s mental burdens by containing all the important stuff in one place that’s easily accessible in today’s internet-fueled living. PicSpotr is one such digital studio management solution that offers a bevy of features aiming to simplify photography business operations. Features include an on-the-go business friendly iOS app (the Android app is in the works,) payment collection, client organization, business expense tracking, a calendar for shoots and events, and digital signatures for contracts and agreements.

There are currently two plans to choose from – free and paid. The free plan is pretty basic but appears to suit business fledglings, and if they manage to grow up and leave the nest, they can graduate to the paid plan, which at $9.99 per month could be a good value if it’s helping you make more money. The paid plan removes caps, adds more ways to accept payment, and has all the cooler features mentioned above.


At the time of this writing, however, the PicSpotr site was having some issues with sign-ups and logins, so if you’re interested in trying it out but can’t get it to work, bookmark the site and check back. The site blog is worth a peek – it’s content-lean now but looks like it could be a decent follow for business articles.

If you’re running a successful small business, do you think these features would simplify your life enough to warrant paying $9.99 for every month?