Most photographers don’t use the web browser as part of their post processing workflow – unless you count uploading final images to portfolio and social media – but new start up is hoping to change that by replacing your desktop RAW processor with a browser based one.


Using WebGL technology is able to use the power of your graphics card through the browser, thus making RAW processing a reality on your browser. is more than just a RAW processor, it’s a completely browser based photo editing workflow network. Think of it like Adobe Lightroom but on the cloud with the ability to share and edit files with team members, or work with your retoucher on getting a file finished.


Not only that, but you can do all of this while your RAW file is uploading. It is not explained completely, nut essentially you just drag your RAW file into your browser and you can begin to work on it almost instantly. Just like with Lightroom takes your RAW file and create a sort of Preview Jpeg that you work on while the RAW file itself is uploading.

It sounds pretty cool to me and I would love to try it out. Sadly the service is in invite only alpha testing. In other words, it’s not going to be going to the public anytime soon. You can learn more about the service on their website or via the neat Youtube teaser they put together.