Pi.pe, a file transfer and synchronization service, has just announced the launch of a new cloud printing service called Pi.pe Prints. The new service aims to become the go to place to get prints of your images hosted on various locations around the web.

At launch the service allows users to print images hosted on Facebook, Facebook Pages, 500px, Flickr, Google Drive, Instagram, Mixi, MySpace, Trovebox, Picasa, Shutterfly, Smugmug, and VK. Users can choose from one of several printers like Walgreens, CVS, Shutterfly, Tesco, and Fuji Film.

Prices appear to start around 19 cents for a 4×6 print, making it a very affordable service for consumers.


My Thoughts

I think this is a great tool for consumers looking to get some quick prints done from their facebook image gallery or whatever. Being as two of their printers are Walgreens and CVS that does not inspire much confidence in the quality of the prints. I would likely not use this service for any sort of professional uses.

It also raises another question, what is going to prevent someone from printing images from my facebook page and cropping off the watermark or whatever. This is not something that I worry about too much, but I am sure one of you guys is pulling their hair out over it.

At any rate, checkout the new service over on their website.


[via TechCrunch]