Hot on the heals of our review of the Phottix Strato II speedlight triggers Phottix has announced the latest edition to their Strato triggering family, the Strato TTL. As you may have guessed from the name, the Strato TTL is a TTL compatible speedlight trigger that is also compatible with the rest of the Strato Triggers (meaning that yes it will work with the Strato II triggers that we reviewed).

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According to Phottix “The Strato TTL Flash Trigger is an easy-to-use triggering system for using flashes off-camera in TTL mode. The system is ideal for new photographers just starting to experiment with off-camera-flash. Flash power settings, manual mode and metering are less of a concern as built-in TTL metering takes the guess work out of finding the correct exposure.”

Manufacturer specifications

  • TTL flash trigger with EV adjustments
  • (± 3 stops in 1/3 stops)
  • Backlit LCD and Quick-Change buttons to adjust EV
  • level, mode, and channel
  • High Speed Sync mode – 1/8000
  • Second Curtain Sync mode
  • Wired and wireless shutter release functions
  • 4 channels
  • 100 meter range
  • USB upgradable
  • Compatible with other Phottix flash triggers

According to Phottix the new Strato TTL triggers will first only be available for Canon cameras (E-TTL). The units should start to be available mid-october on the Phottix online store, with local US resellers following shortly after that. The Nikon and Sony mount version of these triggers are being developed, but no release date has been given yet.



These look to be pretty solid TTL enabled triggers, and the fact that they are compatible with current Strato triggers makes them even more appealing. You could add a few of these to your kit and still be able to fire them with your other triggers and vise verse. Over all I am intrigued by these and look forward to giving them a try.

What are your thoughts? Do these appeal to you at all or are standard triggers all that you need? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via Lighting Rumors]