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Phottix Announces New Multi-Boom Flash Bracket For Umbrella Softboxes

By Anthony Thurston on March 28th 2013

If you are a strobist then you have likely used, or at least heard about these amazing umbrella softboxes such as the Westcott Apollo and other similar products (some may say “Knockoffs”). If you have ever used one of these umbrella softboxes you know that they produce great light, but that they are very limited in how you can move them straight out of the box. The only way around this in the past was a series of hacks that quite honestly were simply not worth the trouble.

That has all changed with the announcement of the new Phottix Multi Boom 16”. It is a device designed specifically for umbrella softboxes, and solve that age old question of how to move and angle your umbrella softbox.


Here are some bullet points straight from Phottix

  • Mount one or more flashes with the heads centered inside umbrellas or Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softboxes, or umbrella-style softboxes from other manufacturers for more even light output.
  • Places the umbrella swivel outside umbrella-style softbox, allowing much greater tilt angles and fast easy access to the swivel handle.
  • Mount in an umbrella swivel, or in a grip head for tilt and swivel movement.
  • Allows full 180 degree tilt with Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softboxes, up to 90 cm (of 36″) in height or diameter.
  • Fast and easy set-up, base plate swivels and locks into position with one simple thumbscrew.
  • Quickly folds flat and compact for transport.  Carrying bag included.
  • Mount the baseplate in multiple positions for different flash layouts, or lower center of gravity.
  • The hand grip allows for holding of flashes mounted in a Shoot-Through Umbrella or similar modifier.
  • Large, easy-to grip-thumbscrews are captured in the slots – no worries of lost thumbscrews.
  • Folded flat the bracket acts as a base stand for 2 flashes to sit on a flat surface (floor or table etc).
  • Solid all metal construction is simple, strong and long lasting with lightweight 6061 machined alloy material, with hard wearing black anodized finish.
  • Upright flash mounting is ideal for hotshoe mounted radio triggers.
  • The eye bolt handle grip provides easy access to a handle outside the softbox, as well as a point to attach battery packs or small counterweights.
  • Using the base plate from a second Multi-Boom bracket allows for quad flash mounting, or two flash units and 2 battery packs.

According to Phottix this new product is available stand alone or in a combo pack with their Varos II BG Umbrella Adapter. The standalone unit is only $69.99, which makes it an affordable option for any strobists in need of such a device.


I have long wanted to get myself a few of these umbrella adapters and the only thing really keeping me from pulling the trigger was the fact that they were so immobile and hard to get into position how you want. This changes all of that, sure it adds another $70 to the cost of the umbrella units but the added movement capabilities makes it more than worth it in my opinion.


To learn more about the Multi-Boom head on over to the Phottix Journal and read the press release. To order a Multi-Boom for yourself you can buy direct from the Phottix store.

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Chuck Eggen

    Thanks for the video link Brian. It does look promising.

    | |
  2. Brian Hursey

    If any one is interested I did an video review and example usage and shoot of the multi-boom. I got to test the pre production model.. I was extremely pleased. My written review link is in the description of the video.

    | |
  3. John Hagar

    I use one of these for $45

    Does the above and a lot more too. Goes out to about 5′

    – Holds up to a 45″ reflector
    – Articulating swivel head
    – Features a double telescopic extension.

    | |
  4. David Liang

    Awesome…really awesome.

    | |
  5. Lindsey Epps-Tucker

    I have to agree to gain the extra and more fluid movement it just may be worth the investment.

    | |