Beauty Dishes are great light modifiers, their only disadvantage is their size. They can be rather large in most cases and can be a pain to travel with, their shape does not lend well to fitting in tight places. But have no fear, Phottix has released a new collapsible Beauty Dish that aims to remedy that problem and make travel and storage of the dish much easier.

This new Beauty Dish from Phottix runs for only $79, much cheaper than the only other alternative which runs around $230. The design looks to be very “softboxy”, so I am curious about how the light would look when compared to your average beauty dish. This Phottix collapsible beauty dish is also a bit larger than your standard beauty dish at 70cm.


An interesting thing to note is that Phottix is marketing a similar device as the “Luna Octabox”, which is basically the the same as the beauty dish version except without the middle plate that makes it a beauty dish. It also measures at 110cm rather than 70cm like the beauty dish.

You can purchase the Phottix Luna Folding Beauty Dish directly from the Phottix Store. But beware, they do ship from China so travel time can be a bit longer than one would like in some situations.


What do you think of this new Beauty Dish, will it work well enough to replace your standard all metal Beauty Dish? Let us know in a comment below!

 {via Phottix}