The hand that holds the Wacom pen rules the world…or something like that. Whatever your feelings are toward Photoshop, there is no doubt that it is one of the most powerful and (painfully) complex tools out there. Though the depths of everything Photoshop can do seems neverending, every photographer should know how to use the basics (at the very least) as well as some advanced techniques this program has to offer.

CreativeLive’s Photoshop Week 2016

Next week (February 22-27, 2016), CreativeLive will be hosting Photoshop Week 2016. You will have access to 39 classes focused on Photoshop and Lightroom that you can stream for free. Can you learn everything there is to know about Photoshop and Lightroom in 6 days? Probably not. But you can learn quite a lot and from some of the world’s best instructors (including our Editor in Chief, Pye Jirsa).

Other instructors you can glean from: Aaron Nace, Tim Grey, Jason Hoppe, Mike Hagen, TJ Drysdale, Chris Orwig, Matt Kloskowski, Candice Stringham, Khara Plicanic, Ben Willmore, Lindsay Adler, Jared Platt, Bryan ONeil Hughes, Dave Cross, and Mike Kelley.

On-Demand Access

Can’t take six days off to binge watch Photoshop Week? For only $299, you can get on-demand access and watch all 39 courses at your own pace. You also have the option to purchase any individual class for only $19 each.

Four Different Tracks For All Levels

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in post production, choose your level of ability to learn the skills you need. Check out the schedule here.

*Don’t miss Pye’s From Shoot Through Photo Editing: Wedding Portrait Retouch in Lightroom and Photoshop on Channel 1 on Wednesday at 9:00 am PST. Check out his class here.*

RSVP For Photoshop Week 2016

RSVP for Photoshop Week here.

You’ll also get a 20% off offer on Adobe CC for new subscribers.