Photoshop. It can either be used as an amazing tool to better the world or used very, very poorly. Either way, as a photographer, you need at least some rudimentary post processing skills, if only to fix a red eye or blemish in a photograph from time to time. But Photoshop can be so much more. Photoshop can help you develop your own personal style to help you stand out from the sea of photographers out there and much more.


If you are looking to learn more about Photoshop, check out this free educational webinar hosted by ShootDotEdit and featuring fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler. Lindsay will be showing a variety of techniques she uses in Photoshop.

Lindsay is a fashion photographer and educator located in New York. She’s built an impressive portfolio in numerous publications and has taught thousands of photographers around the world. We’ve featured some of her beautiful images before in these articles, and she is a gifted educator.


In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Use Lindsay’s favorite Photoshop tools for creative effects that give her images a fashion look and feel Create simple but
  •  Create simple but eye-catching visual effects in Photoshop
  • Shoot with Photoshop in mind as a better way to express your creative vision and save you money

This free webinar will take place on July 1st at 10:00am – 11:00am PST. Don’t miss out! You can grab your seat here: