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Photoshop ‘Street Eraser’ Blends The Digital With Reality

By Kishore Sawh on March 24th 2014


Every time I’m in London, and that’s rather often, I’ve noticed it’s growing increasingly more common to see tourists desperately trying to photograph anything they associate with London of days past. They eagerly seek out vintage double decker buses, red phone booths, Savile Row, and men in uniform. Once in a while, I’ll see a man in a bowler cap walking to or from the office, and sure as night follows day, he will be essentially accosted and followed by some ever-grateful Canon or Nikon-toting herd, trying to capture one more old vestige of London gone. Thing is though, there’s more to the city than that; there’s a huge modern art world and it’s littered around the metropolis. Recently of note it’s the ‘Street Eraser.’

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Two clever creatives Guus Ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier, have paired together, scampered around London and posted their signature stickers on everything from building sides, to street signs. The stickers have been designed to appear as if someone has taken the Photoshop erase tool, and scrubbed out some visual aspect of the world. The grey and white checkered background is all too familiar to anyone who’s ever used Photoshop and will likely even deliver the message with those who aren’t. The sticker images vary in shape and size but the premise is the same, and the effect can be rather effective. 

We rather like the idea that it’s hiding under the surface of everything around us.’







The thing about London is, that it was once the center of an enormous empire, and has managed to transition into modern society and still keep its wonder. Even though England used to rule the seas, today its Navy would struggle to control a puddle, but London is more relevant to a developing world than say, Rome. London Heathrow is also the primary connection point where East meets West. Yet, its history is so thick and varied it’s still what people today want to see when they visit. As a result, it’s still always in the top most photographed cities on earth. With the rocket-rise of Banksy and his works dotted around the city, together with Street Eraser, London is now a veritable basket of easter eggs to photograph. So, give the poor chap with the bowler hat a break.

Via: Design Taxi

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