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Photographer Sued For Bad Wedding Photography

By Pye Jirsa on May 28th 2010

Can you get sued for bad wedding photography? If so, can you get sued for more than the price of the wedding photography package? According to Judge Joe Brown, the answer is YES!

The following video is a must watch for any photographer, mostly for its comedic value. It’s sad and hilarious all at the same time. On one side, you have a “professional” with a Canon Rebel stock kit and a terrible attitude; and other other other side you have a sad bride who was somehow tricked into hiring her. The curve ball in the scenario is Judge Joe Brown’s knowledge of photography. A good portion of the video is Judge Joe grilling her about her F-stops, equipment, use of natural light, and other photography topics. At one point in the video, Judge Joe asks her about the speed her 70-300mm lens; and the photographer has no idea what he is talking about.

I wonder how a regular, non-television, photography-ignorant judge would have handled the exact same case. I also wonder how he would have ruled if the defendant wasn’t so crabby. Any thoughts SLR Lounge community?

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  1. Twila Murasaki

    Joe Judge Brown has got to be an Uncle Bob. He doesn’t have a clue about real wedding photography. Not that the supposed photographer knew any better but it honestly sounds like the “judge” was coached prior to the case so that he can put on a show but someone who thinks they understand some photography classes they took in high school. Flash during a ceremony? Umm…no. Most churches don’t allow flash, period. Tripod? Again, NO. As a wedding photographer I am constantly on the move and do not do tripods unless it’s night, pitch black, and done for special bridal portraits. The ONLY time I use a flash is when forced to during the reception due to very bad lighting.

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  2. Pws Amco

    OH! I wasn’t able to watch the video. :(

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  3. Bristol Wedding Photographer

    That judge was simply the best!! :D
    And that so called “photographer” lady was such a stupid cow!

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  4. Diana Eftaiha

    i cant believe this is an actual court session it looks more of a circus to me and i wouldnt be surprised if the whole thing was just a charade to get a 15 minutes of fame.

    where the hell do you see people laughing and clapping and talking nonsense in a court room!!

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  5. Fortunatas

    I really respect the Judge – he has a better knowledge in photography than these ladies with Canon Rebel :)

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  6. Pye

    I would really like to know what the photographer was showing in her portfolio. The pictures that the judge had were awful, but like Robert said, she is paying $1300, so what can she expect? There are a lot of photogs out there showing shots in their portfolio that they cannot consistently deliver, which is in my opinion the same as stealing as you are misrepresenting your skill level. However, if the bride saw those types of shots in her portfolio, and hired her regardless because of the price, than I would say that is 100% her own fault.

    Robert is right in that Judge Brown knew barely enough about photography to act “in the know.” But, you can tell that he really doesn’t understand what he is talking about and he is actually often times wrong in his understanding regarding print size vs megapixel, edge softness, etc. But, what is even more amazing, is that the photographer had even less knowledge about her craft than Judge Brown. Not being able to answer “what is the speed of that lens?” that is just ridiculous.

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  7. Robert

    Unfortunately, Judge Brown knew just enough about the case to be an idiot about it. It doesn’t matter one bit – IN THE SLIGHTEST — if she’s using a Rebel and kit lens versus a “pro” body. The only thing that matters is if the photog delivered shots in line with what was advertised. If the bride hired a sub-standard photog and expected better, that’s HER fault, not the photog’s. An honest judge who cared more for the law than for showboating would know this. Unfortunately, Judge Brown isn’t interested in justice. He’s interested in ratings, which requires that he humiliates one of the parties regardless of the facts of the case. He made his ruling based not on whether or not she misrepresented her skills/product, but rather on his ability to fluster a woman on the spot on national TV.

    The woman was clearly a sub-par photographer. Unfortunately, we’ll never know the truth of whether or not it was the bride’s fault/mistake in hiring her and expecting more than she got.

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  8. Immamoonkin

    @Pyeman This is amazing! Thank you for this. This is a great great video and I LOVE Joe Brown!

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