Photokina 2012

Photokina 2012 is just two weeks away and practically every major camera manufacturer is going to be releasing either a new camera model and/or a lens. Some of the most anticipated releases include the Nikon D600, the Sony A99, the Canon 6D/7D mkII, and the Panasonic GH3.

The Big Camera Debuts

The Nikon D600 is rumored to offer a 24.7MP full-frame FX sensor at a very aggressive price of around $1500. That is a very low entry price-point for a full frame DSLR, so I’m hoping that Nikon can really deliver a full-frame DSLR at this price. You can read more of the Nikon D600 specs here.

The full-frame Sony A99 is another highly anticipated full-frame debut in Photokina. Not only has it been 3 years since Sony last introduced its A850 predecessor, but the A99 will be the first full-frame camera that utilizes Sony’s unique semi-translucent fixed prism. Sony will be using an electronic viewfinder (EVF) instead of the traditional optical viewfinder. To learn more, check out our A99 article here, as well as the explanation on the A99’s new focus system.

Canon is not resting on its laurel for Photokina either. Just like Nikon, Canon is looking to introduce an entry-level full-frame DSLR that may either be called the Canon 6D or 7D mkII. The design should closer to the original 7D as opposed to the 5D mkIII. The price should be just under $2,000, as well.

Finally, the upcoming Panasonic GH3 flagship camera for Panasonic’s line of micro 4/3 cameras will up the ante over the Olympus OM-D and the Panasonic GH2 in regards to the professional-level specifications. According to, the GH3 will have focus peaking, weather-sealed body, optional battery grip, Wi-Fi,external XLR accessory, electronic shutter, 16 Megapixel “Wide dynamic range” CMOS Sensor, and 72Mbit/s All-I recording mode.

Other Photokina Announcements

These are just a handful of the cameras scheduled to be announced in this year’s Photokina. Here is a quick rundown on what else you can expect from Photokina 2012:


  • Canon EOS 3D X: Canon’s answer to the Nikon D800/D800e should be this class-leading 45+MP full-frame DSLR.

  • Sony

  • Sony NEX 6: The Sony NEX 6 will be the more affordable alternative to the NEX 7.
  • Sony NEX 5R: The highlight of this NEX mirrorless camera will be a new 16MP APS-C sensor.

  • Fujifilm

  • Fuji XE-1: Just like Sony, Fujifilm is releasing a more affordable alternative to its flagship mirrorless camera. The camera will have a regular EVF instead of the X-Pro 1’s hybrid view finder.

  • Pentax

  • Pentax K-3: This 24MP DSLR will be Pentax’s replacement of the well-received Pentax K-5. It is also reported to have the same APS-C sensor as the Sony A77

  • Leica

  • Leica M10: Finally, Leica will be releasing the next evolution of its vaunted M-series. The M10 will also have 24MP just like many of the cameras being released. It is rumored to have Live View and Full HD video recording.

  • There will be other smaller announcements throughout Photokina, but these sets of cameras are the ones that are generating a lot of buzz in the photography community.

    So which camera are you most looking forward to and why?