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21 Mar 2023

Wildlife Photography

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When Mother Nature and Photoshop Collide | Wildlife Composites by John Wilhelm

Many of us photographers love to shoot, but really loathe the post processing. Being in front of a glaring computer screen, editing for hours upon endless hours seems torturous for some. For John Wilhelm, a self proclaimed, “Photoholic,” the process from image to Photoshop to final product takes about 5 hours per photo and is so addicting that he goes through withdraws if he doesn’t go through the process for more than 2-3 days.


Patience, Practice Make For Incredible Wildlife Imagery by Edwin Kats

Edwin Kats is an Internationally renowned wildlife photographer from Holland. He has been published in wildlife staples such as National Geographic and BBC Wildlife Magazine. I have talked before about getting out and exploring that natural beauty within a short distance of your home, and EdwinKats is a perfect example of not only exploring that beauty, but capturing masterfully.