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05 Jul 2022



Weekly Photography Analysis and Breakdown 1

Lauri Laukkanen, a young Finnish photographer, is kicking off a new weekly article series called: “ANALYZE IT!” Every week he will be looking at a photograph, and breaking it down to different key-components that make the image standout from the rest. And finally, after analyzing the photo, he will use the gathered information and try to recreate the photograph as well as he can.


Leica’s Triple Barrage & Apple Special: The Leica M, M-E, and S

Leica released not one, but three high-end cameras in Photokina, the M-E, the M, and the new S. Out of the three, the new M is the most revolutionary since it is the first Leica M series to use a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD sensor. The M-E is a stripped down version of the older M9. The S is the new and improved medium format camera. Finally, Jonathan Ives of Apple is designing a one-off limited ed. of the M for charity