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24 May 2022




How to Develop Your Creativity | Tuesdays with Lauri

As this is the first article in this series, I decided to kick-off with a topic that should be of interest to the majority of us: Creativity. It’s one of the biggest mysteries our humankind has ever tackled. It is amazing how some individuals are able to create new artistic, creative inventions and art pieces, while others just keep on doing the same things day in and day out. At a quick glance it almost seems like creativity is a gift that has been given to only a select few.


Pricing for new 3rd party lenses announced – Sigma 35mm f/1.4, Tamron 70-200 VC, Tamron 90mm VC Macro

Sigma and Tamron (and Tokina) seem to have been stepping it up in the world lately. Or have they? Some elitists / purists will probably never admit that a third-party lens is actually on par with, let alone better than, the name brands. In many people’s eyes, Sigma and Tamron will always be known as the maker of cheap plastic kit lenses that fall apart in 9 months.

Flash Photography

Photography Essentials: The Sunny 16 Rule

With all the sophistication of modern metering system, it seems like the good ol’ Sunny 16 Rule can be dismissed as one of the old relics of the film era. But it is still a valid and useful rule nonetheless, and one that can teach growing photographers about the principles of metering.
So if you haven’t heard about the Sunny 16 Rule or just need to brush up on it again, here’s a quick primer on this classic metering rule.