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28 Jan 2021




Wedding Photography Slideshow Tutorial (Updated)

Slideshows are one of the most powerful ways to display your photography. With the right song, the right image selections, and the right timing of those images, you can bring your brides (and maybe even some grooms) to tears, all while exposing your work to all of their family and friends as gets shared on their Facebooks, Twitters …


Top 10 Los Angeles Engagement Photography Locations

Los Angeles County is huge, with around 10 million people and around four million square miles of area. Los Angeles County is also diverse, both culturally to geographically. As photographers, we have the luxury of playing with this diversity in our images. We can find every style of architecture. We can travel up and down the coast to visit each of the unique beaches. We can even go into different parks and canyons to escape the feel of LA altogether to find hikes, forests, and even waterfalls.