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19 Aug 2022

Food Photography

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Food Photography

Constructive Video Critique Ep 5: Importance of Subject Matter over Processing Technique

In this Thanksgiving episode of SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique, we go over among other things, the importance of having a good subject matter over processing techniques. Good use of compositional technique, lighting, and subject choice can help make a photograph look interesting before adding any post-processing technique such as HDR. To learn more from Post Production Pye, check out the post.

Food Photography

Even Pros need a HOBBY – CameraTalk w/ Matthew Saville

A lot of the professional photographers that I know seem to ONLY ever take pictures for money.  Or even if they’re off the job, they’re still shooting nearly the same thing they always shoot- portraits with (model) brides, or portraits of each other, and maybe the obligatory few snaps at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  And that’s it!  No secret passion for random things like food photography, or hummingbird photography.