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24 Jan 2021

Astro Photography

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How to find the best locations in your area for shooting the night sky

Shooting at night can be a challenge if you live in a populated area. Light pollution can, and does, prevent you form getting the most out of your exposures and can ruin a shot. When I first started thinking about shooting the stars I thought I had to physically drive around and look for good spots. Surely, I thought to myself, there must be a better way to find locations relatively close to you which would be good candidates for amazing star photography.


Astrophotography 101: Choosing a Telescope

Photography is one of those hobbies that you can pour never ending amounts of cash into, there is always something new and shiny to spend your money on. But if you’re into astrology, or star gazing chances are that you may be interested in Astrophotography (Taking pictures of stars and space). One thing that you will need in addition to your normal photography gear is a telescope and it can be hard for beginners to choose a photography worthy telescope.