Intro to Splittone by Flothemes

If you’ve followed SLR Lounge for a while you may have noticed a facelift a few months back. We designed our old, clunky site ourselves, coding most of it and outsourcing the rest to Vietnam. It got us by for a few years but everyone knew it was time for an upgrade.

We were lucky enough to connect with the Flosites team and they took it from there and created the SLR Lounge you see today. In the past, Flosites was primarily known for creating full, cohesive brands and websites for some of the best photographers in the world. Eventually they formed Flothemes, a company dedicated to creating premium WordPress themes for photographers. Here’s a review of their latest theme, Splittone by Flothemes.

Why Use the Splittone WordPress Theme?

Made for Photographers

The Splittone theme combines clean, polished design with robust functionality. Designed by photographers, they’ve really thought through the needs of photographers. For example, the studio management system Shootq is already integrated with the theme. There’s also all of the photographer essentials like a sleek contact page, the ability to create galleries to display a portfolio and, of course, a blog.

Made for Videographers

The Splittone theme also has the videographer/cinematographer in mind, with the ability to create video galleries. Photographers are increasingly branching off into video and vice versa and having a theme designed for both is a great feature.

Clean Design & Polished Details

We’ve already talked about the clean design, but it’s worth mentioning again. Everything, from the spacing to the typography to the social media icons are well designed and clean. Perhaps one of the best features of the Splittone theme is the polished details. These are small and sometimes even unnoticeable things like moving icons that appear between page loads and page fade-in effects that subtly add to the overall experience of browsing the theme.


HTML5 and Responsive

As photographers, more and more of our page views are coming from tablets and mobile devices every day. The Splittone theme has “responsive design” which displays an optimized view for each device (and for different resolutions and browser window sizes).

A Variety of Looks

Below are a few snippets of different looks that you can achieve with this theme. Notice that the theme works well with light-airy wedding images as well as more gritty travel photos.





At $249, the theme isn’t the cheapest WordPress theme option on the market. For example, the ever popular Prophoto Blogs are down in the $199 Range.

However, keep in mind that working with a smaller company will give you excellent service and support. In fact, Flothemes offers full lifetime support on the Splittone Theme. Also keep in mind that you’re less likely to run into an identical site areound the web with Splittone because you’re working with a smaller company. The high degree of guided customization further decreases those odds. And lastly keep in mind that you’re getting a full website with Splittone, complete with portfolio galleries, a home page, peripheral pages, and contact page, a blog, and more.

Robust Functionality and Customization

Here are more awesome features for the theme. You can see that everything can be customized to fit your brand, from the colors to the font to the layouts and the sizes of the images. If you don’t have a logo yet, this theme comes with guidance creating one; and you can even create a simple font-based logo in the back end.


  • Choose sidebar width for sidebar sections.
  • Choose Layout for 404 page
  • Choose Layout for author page
  • Select sidebar for author template
  • Choose Layout for Pages
  • Choose Layout for single post
  • Select sidebar for single page template
  • Choose Layout for blog front page
  • Choose Layout for search page
  • Select sidebar for search template
  • Choose Layout for archive page
  • Select sidebar for archive template
  • Choose Layout for category page
  • Select sidebar for category template
  • Choose Layout for tags page
  • Select sidebar for tags template
  • Choose Layout for attachment page


  • Upload Custom favicon
  • Choose Logo type – Text Logo or Image Logo
  • Choose Logo Font Styling


  • Choose Content text color
  • Choose Menu links color
  • Choose Main menu link color
  • Choose Main menu link hover color
  • Choose Submenu link color
  • Choose Submenu link hover color
  • Choose Submenu Background Color
  • Choose Submenu background color
  • Choose Boxes background color settings
  • Choose Boxes text color settings
  • Choose Thumbnail and grid view hover background color
  • Choose Thumbnail and grid view hover text color
  • Choose Accent background color
  • Choose Accent text color
  • Choose Links color
  • Choose Links hover color


  • Choose General Font
  • Choose H1 Font
  • Choose H2 Font
  • Choose H3 Font
  • Choose H4 Font
  • Choose H5 Font
  • Choose Navigation Font
  • Choose Footer Text Font


  • Choose Slideshow image width
  • Choose Slideshow image height
  • Choose Gallery images width
  • Choose Gallery image height
  • Choose List-view image width
  • Choose List-view image height
  • Choose Grid/thumb-view image width
  • Choose Grid/thumb-view image height
  • Choose Single page thumbnails image width
  • Choose Single page thumbnails image height


  • Enable Likes for posts
  • Generate random number of Likes for posts
  • Reset likes
  • Choose Icon style (heart, a star or a thumb up for “like it” icon)
  • Choose Label for votes


  • Enable similar posts
  • Choose Similar posts criteria
  • Enable pretty-photo ligthbox
  • Enable social sharing for posts
  • Enable author box
  • Show author box on single post
  • Show breadcrumbs
  • Show entry meta
  • Use Facebook comments


  • Choose Logo and Navigation layout.
  • Choose Header background color
  • Select header background color
  • Show social icons – All the social profile settings can be set here
  • Select social services you want to have in the header


  • Choose content width
  • Choose content width of your Front Page
  • Choose content width of your archive pages.
  • Choose archive content position.
  • Choose blog content position.
  • Choose blog layout
  • Choose archive layout
  • Select number of articles to show per row (line)


  • Choose Thumbnail hover opacity
  • Choose Thumbnail hover effect


  • Choose Footer background color
  • Choose Footer text color
  • Choose Show social icons
  • Select social services you want to have in the header


  • Show RSS icon
  • Choose Facebook profile ID
  • Choose Twitter ID
  • Choose G+ public profile URL
  • Choose Yahoo public profile URL
  • Choose Dribbble public profile URL
  • Choose LinkedIn public profile URL
  • Choose Vimeo public profile URL
  • Choose Youtube public profile URL
  • Choose Tumblr public profile URL
  • Choose Delicious public profile URL
  • Choose Flickr public profile URL
  • Choose Instagram public profile URL
  • Choose Pinterest public profile URL
  • Choose Contact email
  • Choose Skype Name


  • Choose Blog page title
  • Choose Category page title
  • Choose Tags page title
  • Choose Author page title
  • Choose Search page title
  • Choose Daily archives page title
  • Choose Monthly archives page title
  • Choose Yearly archives page title
  • Choose Post format archives page title
  • Choose Gallery Posts archives page title
  • Choose Other custom posts type archive page title
  • Choose Other archives page title
  • Choose No posts found message
  • Choose Case study label